Corporate Dinners

A business or corporate dinner would be for anything from new hires in the business to celebrating milestones or networking with people in the industry. A corporate dinner could be used for potential clients to discuss business. These are good for a small group setting and can be very intimate or very formal. Previous Next

Product Launch

Product launch events can range from internal meetings to inform all employees about any upcoming products to full-blown launch parties that create a buzz surrounding a product’s release among customers and the media. Product launch events are most common for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. Launch events are meant to generate media coverage and industry buzz before […]

Annual & Award ceremonies

These events are either hosted by a particular company to reward its employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders or by an entire industry to celebrate its best performers within a specific period. Internal award ceremonies improve morale and generally make relationships with the company more enjoyable. Industry-wide award ceremonies, however, allow companies to promote their […]

Trade shows

The main purpose of a trade show is usually to connect companies with potential customers. Some companies may also choose to host or attend a trade show to solidify their image as a leading name within a particular industry. They’re usually held in large indoor or outdoor spaces and various companies pay for space, advertising […]


The primary purpose of a conference is to connect with target audiences and give them relevant information, usually to educate or motivate them. They’re also useful occasions for promoting networking and collaboration between attendees. Conferences typically last at least a full day, occur at conference centers or hotels and feature a keynote speaker, as well […]

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